Land Acknowledgement


The CAMT Office is located in Ottawa, Ontario. CAMT recognizes the Algonquins as the customary keepers and defenders of the Ottawa River Watershed and its tributaries. We honour their long history of welcoming many Nations to this beautiful territory and uphold and uplift the voice and values of our Host Nation.

CAMT wants to show respect and gratitude to all the Indigenous nations that are a part of Turtle Island, also known as North America. The harm to the people and the land caused by settlers and colonization, past and present, can only start to be repaired by being aware of our history and making actionable steps to move forward towards truth and reconciliation.

As a community, we have not only the responsibility for the stewardship of the land on which we live and work, but also the responsibility to do so in harmony with all peoples. CAMT asks all members to learn about the history of the land in the region they reside and work on.

Figure 1: Map of the Anishnabek Nation in Ontario (source:

Figure 2: Map of Ojibwe Trade Corridor 1760’s (Source:


Anishnabek Nation – Union of Ontario Indians

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