MTA Credentials & Members

The Canadian Association of Music Therapists (CAMT) has strict guidelines and standards for professional competence.


CAMT utilizes the title of Certified Music Therapist (MTA), to designate music therapists who have successfully completed the certification process. MTA is a registered Certification Mark with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, an agency of Industry Canada.

CAMT has the exclusive right to certify a music therapist with the MTA credential when they successfully completes the certification process. Individuals with MTA status have undergone a thorough review of specific eligibility requirements.

Eligibility Requirements Include:

MTA Competenciesarrow
  • They are a member in good standing of CAMT
  • They have successfully completed a minimum bachelor of music therapy degree at a CAMT recognized institution
  • They have completed a 1000-hour clinical internship under the supervision of a CAMT-Approved MTA Supervisor
  • They have passed the Certification Board for Music Therapists exam administered in the USA
  • They have signed a Statement of Adherence to the CAMT Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

The MTA in Good Standing List is updated once monthly.   If the MTA you are seeking out is not on the list, please call the CAMT office at 1-800-996-2268 to confirm their status.

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