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Identity Exploration and its Implications A book review calling on music therapists to read, reflect and respond to stories of systemic oppression in music therapy Racism, colonialism, and systemic oppression in music therapy and experienced by music therapists is an unfortunate reality. As such, honouring these lived experiences and being witness to individual’s stories is an important step towards change and becoming a more inclusive, diverse and equitable profession. For these reasons, in her recent book review, Dr. Sue Bai
Published: May 9, 2024
Using Music to Manage Taking steps to uncover the benefits of music therapy in the treatment of chronic pain Though there is increasing research support for music therapy in reducing acute pain, there remains minimal research into music therapy to reduce and help individuals cope with chronic pain. Recognizing this gap in research, University of Limerick graduate Dr. Katie Fitzpatrick dedicated her Ph.D. research to music therapy in the treatment of chronic pain and was subsequently hired to continue this res
Published: May 9, 2024
Finding Points of Connection Discussing the intersections of music therapy and Reiki and integrating them in practice for client healing and music therapists' self-care Music therapy is unique in its ability to be combined with other therapeutic and healing modalities, such as psychotherapy, physiotherapy, and speech therapy. Forging new pathways in combining music therapy with other health practices, Canadian music therapist, Daiva Zemaitis, has endeavoured to combine music therapy with Reiki in her private practic
Published: May 9, 2024
Legacy of a Leader A memorial tribute to a pioneer of music therapy education in Canada, Dr. Rosemary Ganzert Fischer “I remember being struck by her empathy, strength and passion,” Dr. Colin Andrew Lee reminisces in his tribute article dedicated to music therapist Dr. Rosemary Ganzert Fischer (1932-2021). Lee’s article is both a touching reflection on his personal relationship with Fischer as a fellow music therapist and music therapy educator, and an inspirational account of her work and its impact
Published: May 8, 2024
Music as a Value-Driven Approach to Treatment Reflections on creating a music therapy program for individuals with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). In a recent episode of the Canadian Music Therapy Podcast, Canadian music therapist and registered psychotherapist, Jill Hedican, shares reflections on her experience developing a music therapy program specifically designed for individuals with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto. Hedican describes the unique multi-disciplinary work she
Published: January 26, 2024
Regaining Connections and Restoring Perceptions with Music Therapy A look into the use of music therapy in the treatment of Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness PDOC What is the role of music therapy in the treatment of Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness (PDOC)? According to music therapists from the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability in the United Kingdom who work with patients with PDOC, the role of music therapy is both multi-faceted and individualized to the client's needs when working with patients with PDOC. While describing their music therapy
Published: January 26, 2024
Peace for the Present and a Piece for the Future Music therapy to support wellbeing and create legacy projects in end-of-life care. “It makes you feel happy,” is how one patient describes his experience participating in music therapy at Carilion Clinic Hospice in Virginia, USA. At the Carilion Clinic, as in other settings where music therapists provide services to individuals facing end-of-life, music therapy provides patients and their loved ones with a sense of connection and joy that is often hard to find in their final days. Ma
Published: January 26, 2024
“Every Session Was Easier Than the One Before” Exploring emotions and social connection in group music therapy for individuals with eating disorders. For individuals with eating disorders, a primary symptom is difficulty with emotion regulation. Can music therapy help improve emotion regulation in individuals with eating disorders? This is a question Canadian music therapists and researchers sought to answer in their study, “The Impact of Group Music Therapy for Individuals with Eating Disorders.” In this study, 21 individuals
Published: January 26, 2024
Managing Trauma as a Music Therapist A Canadian music therapist’s reflection on how to cope with personal trauma while working as a music therapist “Most people will experience a trauma of some kind at some point in their lives” states Canadian music therapist Heidi Flynn. No one is immune to experiencing trauma, including music therapists. But how does a music therapist work safely and effectively with their clients while trying to cope with their own trauma? This question serves as the basis for Flynn's presentation
Published: January 26, 2024
Music as a Tool: Using Music Therapy for Treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Insights from a case study on music therapy for an individual with complex post-traumatic stress disorder   What do you turn to when you are burdened by your trauma but talking seems “pointless”? For Ali, a psychiatric hospital patient living with complex post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the answer is music. Through having the freedom to improvise, create his own music, and express himself through music, Ali could share his feelings and story of his relational trauma
Published: January 26, 2024


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