Using Music to Manage

Taking steps to uncover the benefits of music therapy in the treatment of chronic pain

Though there is increasing research support for music therapy in reducing acute pain, there remains minimal research into music therapy to reduce and help individuals cope with chronic pain. Recognizing this gap in research, University of Limerick graduate Dr. Katie Fitzpatrick dedicated her Ph.D. research to music therapy in the treatment of chronic pain and was subsequently hired to continue this research for the University of Limerick while working as a full-time music therapist with adults experiencing chronic pain at Ireland’s HSE Pain Management Centre. Meanwhile, another research team in Clevland, United States has begun researching music therapy in treating chronic pain. Music therapist and researcher Dr. Joke Bradt and his team’s preliminary research suggests music therapy would be well-suited to this client population. They propose several potential benefits of music therapy for individuals with chronic pain, including reduced pain and improved self-efficacy, physical functioning, and social functioning. For more information about Fitzpatrick and her work, click here, and for more about Bradt’s team, their research, and their hopes for future research in music therapy in chronic pain, click this link.

Published : May 9, 2024