Tips for the Best Online Conference Experience

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CAMT is doing everything we can to provide high quality audio and video for all live and asynchronous events that will take place during the conference. To get the best experience possible, consider the following tips.


  • – Ensure you review any communication you have received from the event organizers so you know when the event is and have access to the necessary link and materials.


  • – Ensure you have recently updated your Zoom account to the latest version
  • – Close any windows or background programs on your device that you aren’t using
  • – When possible, use headphones, a headset, or speakers rather than your device’s built-in audio
  • – To avoid choppy video, minimize additional draws on your WIFI signal by shutting off the WIFI function on other devices
  • – The higher your MBPS (download) speed is, the smoother your experience should be. You can check your speed at or


  • – If possible, free your space of distractions
  • – Ensure you are in a comfortable space with any necessary supplies close at hand (eg. water,paper, pen/alternative method for note taking,snack).


  • – Log in 5-10 minutes before the event is scheduled to start to give yourself time to manage any potential tech issues.
  • – After logging in, rename yourself so it shows your first name, last name and province.
  • – Follow all instructions provided at the beginning of events so you understand how you can and cannot interact during the presentations.

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