The More we Come Together…

Reviewing “Addressing issues of mental health in schools through the arts: Teachers and music therapists working together” as a music therapist and teacher

For many years, music has been incorporated into classroom learning in various capacities. More recently, music therapy has played an increasingly important role in fostering social, emotional, and academic skills among school children. But what would the impact be on student mental health if teachers and music therapists came together to create and facilitate a program? According to book reviewer Eleni Tsolka, this is the question that drives the research project and subject of the book Addressing Issues of Mental health in Schools Through the Arts: Teachers and Music Therapists Working Together by Nick Clough and Jane Tarr.

In the review, Tsolka gives readers a glimpse of the structure of the book and hints at the topics explored, including how drama and movement were incorporated into the therapy program and how teachers learned about trauma and attachment theories. She explains the use of both reflective narratives and descriptive accounts in the book and how they deepen the readers’ understanding of the program. Tsolka, a music therapist and teacher herself, notes the book inspires music therapists and educators to explore similar programs in their classrooms. If you are interested in reading the review, click here. To purchase the book, click this link.

Published : November 15, 2022