Stories from Slovakia

An account of the current landscape and future directions for music therapy practice in the European nation of Slovakia

Jana Halmo, music therapist, doctoral student, and researcher, is passionate about the history of music therapy in Central and Eastern Europe. This passion is evident in her well-researched and written account of music therapy in Slovakia. In her article, Halmo begins by chronicling the origins and development of music therapy practice in Slovakia, noting key leaders and advancements in the field dating back to the 18th century. Halmo then goes on to describe key figures and organizations in music therapy and settings where music therapy is practiced in Slovakia today, including schools, hospitals, and psychiatric facilities.

After overviewing the state of music therapy in Slovakia, Halmo shares with readers her recent research project surveying music therapists in Slovakia to discover who is currently practicing music therapy, who is attending the sessions, and how music therapy is being conducted. To read the findings of Halmo’s study and her reflections on the next steps for further establishing music therapy as a profession in Slovakia, click here.

Published : September 20, 2022