Peace for the Present and a Piece for the Future

Music therapy to support wellbeing and create legacy projects in end-of-life care.

“It makes you feel happy,” is how one patient describes his experience participating in music therapy at Carilion Clinic Hospice in Virginia, USA. At the Carilion Clinic, as in other settings where music therapists provide services to individuals facing end-of-life, music therapy provides patients and their loved ones with a sense of connection and joy that is often hard to find in their final days. Making music and listening to music together brings back memories for reminiscence while creating new memories the loved one can carry with them after the patient passes away. These are just a few of the benefits of music therapy for end-of-life care spotlighted in a short video from the Carilion Clinic, the full video is available at this link. Other music therapy services the Carilion Clinic offers to individuals in their hospice is the opportunity to participate in songwriting and heartbeat recordings. Through these collaborative projects, music therapists allow patients to create a piece of music that reflects a part of them, and which can serve as a legacy piece after their passing. To learn about this songwriting process and how heartbeat recording songs are created, click here for a video capturing the meaningful work with a patient at the Carilion Clinic.

Published : January 26, 2024