Music Therapy for Children with Selective Mutism

A research report on the process of music therapy as an alternative non-pharmacological treatment for children with selective mutism

Though selective mutism has a low prevalence, it can be debilitating for children and contribute to poor mental health outcomes for years to come. Common forms of treatment include Behaviour and Speech Therapy, as well as pharmacological interventions. Currently, clinicians and researchers are exploring music therapy as another form of treatment for selective mutism. The unique ways music therapy offers parallel musical, emotional, and physical means of communication suits the needs of children with selective mutism that struggle to communicate verbally with others. Drawing upon her clinical work and the work of others, music therapist Dr. Kate Jones has created a theoretical framework for providing music therapy to children with selective mutism that captures these interconnected aspects of communication and how they can help children overcome selective mutism. For a video presentation about Dr. Jones’ research and theoretical framework, with clinical examples, click here.

Published : October 23, 2023