Music and Healing in China – From Ages Past to Supporting the Aging in the Present

A glimpse into music therapy practice on the rise in China

In this article, readers are introduced to Lin Sisi, a music therapist practicing in Beijing, China. It is a delightful summary of Sisi’s reflections and insights into her experience working with a post-stroke patient. Readers discover that thousands of miles away, in a different language and culture, music therapy continues to make a personal impact, improving the quality of life for older adults.

In addition to this case example, the author provides a brief history of music therapy in China. Readers learn about the establishment and growth of music therapy in China as well as the pre-existing role of music in medicine in Chinese culture dating back thousands of years. With about 50 training institutes for music therapy now established in China, it will be exciting to see what new advancements in music therapy practice develop in this country in the years ahead, stay tuned!

Published : September 20, 2022