Managing Trauma as a Music Therapist

A Canadian music therapist’s reflection on how to cope with personal trauma while working as a music therapist

“Most people will experience a trauma of some kind at some point in their lives” states Canadian music therapist Heidi Flynn. No one is immune to experiencing trauma, including music therapists. But how does a music therapist work safely and effectively with their clients while trying to cope with their own trauma? This question serves as the basis for Flynn’s presentation at the World Congress of Music Therapy 2023. For those unable to attend the conference, or hoping for a refresher on the presentation, Flynn offers a summary of her answer to this question in the World Federation of Music Therapy’s Conference Proceedings.

Flynn suggests that self-care and ethical decision-making are essential when working as a music therapist and living with the experience of trauma. She also describes steps music therapists can take in each of these areas so they can not only work effectively but become better music therapists while acknowledging the impact of their trauma on their work. The complete article is available at this link, on pages 169-170.

Published : January 26, 2024