Legacy of a Leader

A memorial tribute to a pioneer of music therapy education in Canada, Dr. Rosemary Ganzert Fischer

“I remember being struck by her empathy, strength and passion,” Dr. Colin Andrew Lee reminisces in his tribute article dedicated to music therapist Dr. Rosemary Ganzert Fischer (1932-2021). Lee’s article is both a touching reflection on his personal relationship with Fischer as a fellow music therapist and music therapy educator, and an inspirational account of her work and its impact on music therapy in Canada. Most notably, Lee commends Fisher for her work in founding and developing the Bachelor of Music Therapy programme at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario, Canada.

According to Lee, Fisher’s passion for music and musical skill and creativity was undeniable and he expresses his appreciation for always reminding him of the central role music must play in music therapy. In concluding his tribute, Lee reflects that “she lived in music and music lived in her” and provides readers with a recording of his piano improvisation in tribute to Fisher. To read Lee’s tribute article, click here, and listen to the recording of his tribute improvisation, click this link.

Published : May 8, 2024