Identity Exploration and its Implications

A book review calling on music therapists to read, reflect and respond to stories of systemic oppression in music therapy

Racism, colonialism, and systemic oppression in music therapy and experienced by music therapists is an unfortunate reality. As such, honouring these lived experiences and being witness to individual’s stories is an important step towards change and becoming a more inclusive, diverse and equitable profession. For these reasons, in her recent book review, Dr. Sue Baines, a Canadian and Anti-Oppressive Music Therapy researcher, praises Susan Hadley’s (Editor) book Sociocultural Identities in Music Therapy for its compilation of stories of music therapists’ experiences of their sociocultural identities and systemic oppression in music therapy. In the book review, Baines likewise praises Sociocultural Identities in Music Therapy for its critical reflectiveness, encouragement of readers to be reflective and reflexive, and provision of strategies for cultivating sociocultural reflexivity in music therapy to create more social justice in music therapy. Though Baines acknowledges that the authorship is primarily American and recognizes this as a possible limitation to the applicability of the book and its stories, she concludes that the stories convey universal truths and themes that are relevant to music therapy across the globe. To read Baines’ full review, including her summary of the book and its core themes and her perspective on its applicability to music therapy students, researchers, and clinicians, click here. The book is available to purchase from Barcelona Publishers at this link.

Published : May 9, 2024