Finding Points of Connection

Discussing the intersections of music therapy and Reiki and integrating them in practice for client healing and music therapists’ self-care

Music therapy is unique in its ability to be combined with other therapeutic and healing modalities, such as psychotherapy, physiotherapy, and speech therapy. Forging new pathways in combining music therapy with other health practices, Canadian music therapist, Daiva Zemaitis, has endeavoured to combine music therapy with Reiki in her private practice “Harmony Healing + Music.” Discussing her practice as a “person-centred, heart-centred, and music-centred approach,” on a recent episode of the Able Voice Podcast, Zemaitis, describes how she developed her business, her process of combining music therapy and Reiki in practice, and the new opportunities the focus on energy Reiki brings to her music therapy practice. In the podcast, Zemaitis also highlights the potential benefits of combined music therapy and Reiki sessions, including reduced pain, decreased anxiety, and improved ability to connect with and express emotions in a non-verbal modality. Additionally, she shares how she is using music therapy and Reiki to support and educate other music therapists and how listeners can access a free emotional clearing and reflective songwriting exercise that exemplifies her integration of music therapy and Reiki in her practice. To listen to the podcast, click here.

Published : May 9, 2024