Call for: 2025 Conference & Scientific Committee

We are delighted to invite you to be part of a milestone – the 50th Music Therapy Conference. As we plan this special event, we need passionate music therapists to join the Conference & Scientific Committee and help us shape a truly memorable celebration. 

Committee Responsibilities: 

  • Select and curate engaging speakers, presentations and research papers that capture the essence and evolution of music therapy. 
  • Design sessions that reflect the latest trends, needs, and historical reflections within the field of music therapy. 
  • Provide insights on integrating practical experience with innovative research to highlight our 50-year journey. 
  • Foster a collaborative and inclusive environment that celebrates the past, present, and future of music therapy. 

Who Should Apply: 

  • Both local (Moncton, NB – steering committee) and National members. 
  • Enthusiasts of music therapy with a heart for community and professional growth. 
  • Those with experience in organizing or contributing to professional events. 
  • Individuals eager to contribute to the legacy and advancement of music therapy. 

This isn’t just about filling a role; it’s about making history together. No formal application needed -just your enthusiasm and a willingness to contribute, if interested, please email:  We are excited to hear from members who want to help make our 50th conference extraordinary. Let’s make this event a landmark in the history of music therapy!