Conference 2022 Theme

Riding the Rapids – Trusting the Process

The steering committee took the following items into consideration as they developed this dynamic theme:
  • Music Therapists in Canada have encountered challenging situations that require creativity and innovation throughout their careers.
  • COVID-19 has presented new challenges and has required us to be more creative and innovative than ever to find new ways of doing things and new best practices.
  • Thinking of where we will be geographically for the conference, in Niagara Falls, Ontario, the concept of the river, with the rapids, leading to the falls, leading to calmer water below, resonated deeply.
  • The idea of getting through the turmoil and coming out the other side reflects the therapeutic process our clients go through as they heal from trauma with guidance from a music therapist.
  • The therapeutic process can be seen as the boat that provides safe passage through the rough waters and allows us to reach a new place.
  • The same idea reflects how we as clinicians, educators, supervisors, students, interns, supporters, etc. have come through the pandemic with new skills and new perspective.
  • This conference will allow us the chance to celebrate and learn from each other as we share new research, innovations, and new ways of providing music therapy services to our clients.

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