Collaboration is Key

Exploring music therapy research and music therapy practice and why they need to work together

For Kyurim Kang, postdoctoral research fellow at the Johns Hopkins Center for Music and Medicine, music therapy research is her passion. She is driven by a desire to understand the scientific basis for the effectiveness of music therapy.

In this blog post, Kang shares with readers some of the foundational research on how music activates the brain. She highlights the connection between research on music perception, production, and cognition and the practice of Neurological Music Therapy. For Kang, this research is vital for the development of the field of music therapy, but ensuring it translates into the clinical practice of music therapy is equally essential. To learn some of the ways music therapy research and practice are already interacting and Kang’s hopes for continued collaboration in the future, you can read the full blog post here on the International Association of Music and Medicine’s website. If you are interested in more developments in music therapy, the most recent publications in Neurological Music Therapy, are available here.

Published : November 15, 2022