Authenticity as Music Professionals

Examining overlaps and intersections in the practice of authenticity among music therapists and other music professionals

How do you experience authenticity as a professional? This was one of the questions researchers asked a music therapist, music educator, and music performer in their study, “The Experience of Authenticity Across Three Music Disciplines; Music Therapy, Music Teaching and Music Performance.” Recognizing that the interpersonal dimension of authenticity is central to these professions, the researchers also explored the connections between being authentic and relationships with clients, students, and audiences.

Upon analyzing responses from participants in one on one and group interviews, the researchers reported similarities and differences among the music professionals’ experiences of authenticity. Across professions, researchers found the concept of authenticity related to a sense of continuity and consistency. One aspect of authenticity that differs across professions is the “focus and foundation” for their authenticity, which for music therapists arises from the clients’ needs and a respect for all styles and genres of music. To read about the other findings from this study, the research article is available here.

Published : October 23, 2023