Conference 2022 Attendance Options

How do I know what to Choose?

Many of us have been asking questions about the options for the CAMT 2022 Conference scheduled for this May. There are three options:
  • In-person in Niagara Falls, Ontario
  • Live Online and Pre-recorded Videos
  • Both together (hybrid)

With provincial health regulations changing so frequently, it is hard to know what will be possible.  What CAMT can confirm is that there will be some element of the conference in-person because as we have a contractual agreement with the hotel, and there will be a conference online - no matter what.
We are dedicated to helping you make the best decision so you can have the best conference experience possible.
You can register for the conference with the confidence that flexibility will be provided should you need to change from the in-person or online option at any time.  While the price points for the different options will continue to differ from each other, there will not be financial penalties for moving between the categories.

Example One: If you paid for the online/pre-recorded video option and would like to switch to the in-person option, you will pay the difference between the price points.

Example Two: If you paid for the in-person option and would like to switch to the online/pre-recorded video option, you will receive a refund for the difference between the price points

In all cases, the price point at the date you request the modification will apply.
We are SO EXCITED to meet with you this May in whatever format you can join us!

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