Music Therapy in the Middle East

A conversation with a music therapist, psychotherapist, and advocate on practicing music therapy in the Kingdom of Bahrain

In the early 2000s, no one in the Kingdom of Bahrain had heard of music therapy. Then along came Aksana Kavaliova-Moussi, a Belarus-born music therapist, trained in Canada, who changed this narrative. As the first music therapist in Bahrain, she spent ten years building up a music therapy practice from scratch. From small beginnings with local schools to eventually establishing a full-time caseload, Kavaliova-Moussi demonstrated unmatchable persistence, dedication, and hard work in music therapy and advocacy.

But Kavaliova-Moussi’s story doesn’t end there. To hear the full story of how she developed a music therapy practice in the Kingdom of Bahrain, networked with other music therapists in the middle east, and used what she learned from this experience in her practice in Canada, listen to her interview on the Able Voice Podcast at this link. For more interviews with music therapists from across Canada, you can access all episodes of the Able Voice Podcast here.

Published : September 20, 2022